Stay True Radio: Ana Tijoux

In this episode of Stay True Radio, with your host, Pavle Milic, we feature an interview with an important figure in global hip hop: the chilean rapper/singer/songwriter Ana Tijoux. Ana passed through Phoenix with a show at Crescent Ballroom, and moments before her panel with ASU’s Performance in the Borderlands‘ Panel on Hip Hop, Politics and Pop at ASU, she had a few minutes to talk about why supporting global community, fighting discrimination and empowering all people to build the communities they want is important to her. Hear a sample of her songs and Pavle’s interview with Tijoux here. *Interview portion of podcast is in Spanish, translations forthcoming.

Ana was born in France under exile from Chilean dictator Augosto Pinochet and returned to Chile in 1993 after the return of civil power. Tijoux went on to form numerous hip hop groups in Chile and went solo in 2006, releasing Kaos in 2007, La Bala in 2012, 1977 in 2009, and most recently, Vengo in 2014.  Ana is known for her socially and politically conscious lyrics touching on self-empowerment, protest anthems, resistance, equality and diversity. Her music infuses influences from around the world: in just one album we are treated to infusions of traditional andean music, funk, raggae, jazz, discriminating beats, body-moving baselines and thought provoking lyrics.

Ana Tijoux performing at Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix Tuesday night on her first visit to Arizona. Photo Credit: Margaree Bigler

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