Stay True Radio: Romain Teyteau

In the April 2015 issue of  Wine Spectator, Beaujolais had a little moment. In other words, the article talked about Gamay and how in its region, great examples are being made.  Although some people think that the Wine Spectator may be a lagging indicator of what’s happening in the wine world, it’s always good to read about one of the most highly underrated wine regions in the world. In this episode of Stay True Radio, Pavle interviews Romain Teyteau. Romain grew up in Paris across the street from one of France’s smallest vineyard. At the age of 25, he met legendary Winemaker Georges Duboeuf and represented him in New York for a couple of years. Romain made the move to Beaujolais in 2013 and now shares his time between this wonderful region of France and the U.S. Listen to this show to learn about the different ways to classify the region: Beaujolais, Beaujolais Village, and the ten Crus. Also, Pavle will ask about Beaujolais Nouveau and the beginnings. Tata!

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