Food Stalk Radio: Frank Caputo and Hope Springs Organic Farm

These days, we hear more and more about how food can heal, especially when we suffer from serious ailments, like cancer. Today, you will hear about a chef with a passion for high quality food who has managed to put organic, fresh and local food at the forefront of cancer treatment and healing. In fact, he has taken it one step further: he’s helped to turn 69 acres of land by the hospital where he works into Hope Springs Organic Farm that supply his kitchen, making over 1,000 meals a day for patients enduring extensive cancer treatment. In this episode of Food Stalk Radio, host Charleen Badman welcomes Frank Caputo, Executive Chef and Culinary Director of Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s Western Regional Medical Center in  Goodyear, Arizona. Tune in to learn more about how Frank’s family visits to Italy influenced his culinary career, how he made the change from the restaurant culinary industry to the healthcare culinary industry, and how a partnership with McClendon’s Select brought about Hope Springs Organic Farm at the Western Regional Medical Center, making food that heals.


Watch a video about Hope Springs Organic Farm here.  

Frank Caputo in the MyAZNow Radio Studio


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